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#67. | Jake Kaempf, Part 1 | Founder & CEO The Everyday Company | The Perception of Brand | #SimplyJake

February 12, 2021

This week on the Business Over Beer podcast, we welcome Jake Kaempf, Founder and CEO of The Everyday Company.

In Part 1 of this interview, we learn that Jake was very entrepreneurial and obsessed with brand even from a young age. Jake shares with us his philosophy and approach to branding, specifically, that brand lives at the intersection of operation, finance, and demand creation. And while design is an important aspect of branding, his agency differentiates themselves by bringing a more tangible and measurable approach to branding for his clients. 

At the time of this recording, Jake was still running the agency he founded called Amprsnd, a Brand Development Agency specializing in insight, strategy, and implementation of brands.  And, as you will learn in part 2 of the interview, they have since gone through a merger and have created The Everyday Company.  Stay tuned for that. 



In this episode:

  • If you ask 1000 people to define brand, you'll get 2000 answers.
  • The key is to define brand for each client, and better measure and build strategies that are cohesive to the operational and financial strategy that goes on within organizations
  • Branding deals with perception and how to break down and describe the elements of perception.
  • The signals of perception fall into 3 categories: social, emotional, and functional
  • True branding doesn't sell a false idea of your company, it gets to the core of what the founders are all about, and to the culture of the people that actually work for you.
  • The idea that small business is the backbone of this country, it's about an ideal that entrepreneurs have the ability and responsibility to affect real change in the communities they serve.
  • Being an entrepreneur is about having the ability to go after an opportunity, with a chance to succeed or fail, and working to make sure those opportunities are available to everyone. 
  • What's better than than a great strategy? A good strategy, well executed.


Guest Beer:

Level Beer - Portland, OR

Bad Hombre, Mexican Lager, 4.8% ABV

"The Fake News will tell you that clear beer is weak. That is only what losers would say. This beer is classy, made for winners, winners who like the beach. This beer is dangerous, and if you add a lime wedge, it's out of control. Salud."


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