Business Over Beer

#68. | Jake Kaempf, Part 2 | Founder & CEO of The Everyday Company | Proving Intuition for Everyday People | #Prefail

February 19, 2021

In this week's episode of the Business Over Beer podcast, we welcome Jake Kaempf, Founder and CEO of The Everyday Company, back to the program for part 2 of his interview. 

On this episode, we learn about the fundamental mindsets you need to have in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. Also, Jake tells us all about his new company, and how taking a technology first approach will compliment his existing brand development business. 

The Everyday Company is the first of its kind, AI Powered branding technology and service company, using cutting edge machine learning technology to collect, aggregate and interpret the latent data associated with the signals of a brand, and tracks where brands are appearing in conversations and through user generated content in digital media. The platform has wide ranging uses across industries that empowers employees who needs better data for their decision making.



In this episode:

  • Too many entrepreneurs make presumptions about how successful they are going to be without paying attention to all the different aspects that go into it. 
  • Entrepreneurs get selfish and nit pick as soon as they reach a point that they can grow. 
  • Entrepreneurs must concentrate on how they will build a team that will improve what they do.  
  • If you're afraid of sharing your skills and techniques because someone will suddenly overtake you, then you're not actually any good at what you do. 
  • Entrepreneurs need to have the ability to share, to be open and to trust.
  • Prefail: To hold back ideas, or to hold back on starting or executing something because they are afraid of it failing or for fear people will not accept it. 
  • Entrepreneurship is not fun, but can also be the most amazing thing in the entire world. 
  • New entrepreneurs that have a great idea are afraid to find out that someone else is already doing it. Fact is, there's always somebody better than you. 
  • Understand your product, your customer and your competitor and realize where you can differentiate, and if you can't differentiate, then start anew.
  • To differentiate themselves, The Everyday Company doesn't claim to have the answer before actually doing the work to understand where a potential client trying to go.
  • In the era of data and needing empirical proof, you can't just have special sauce; it doesn't mean that design, interpretation, creative intuition is gone, but it does need to be complimented. 
  • Brand has been so robed in mystery for so long, and it's time to bring proof in order to back up assumptions and intuition.


Angie's Mystery Beer:

Pelican Brewing - Pacific City, OR

Sea'N Red, Irish Style Red Ale, 5.4% ABV, 25 IBU

"This smooth, richly flavored beer has a malt aroma reminiscent of toffee, caramel, and cocoa with a subtle floral bouquet. The lush aroma gives way to a full, rounded malty flavor with toasty biscuit-like character and notes of caramel. A smooth, well-balanced finish both satisfies and quenches. Sip and sea for yourself—Sea’N Red is a round malty brew whimsically served up in a bold, colorful name."


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