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#70. | Life Force Chiropractic, Part 2 | A Story of Survival and Service | #TruthIsTruth

March 5, 2021

Welcome back to the second biggest podcast in the Pacific Northwest behind only The Sasquatch Hunters, for part 2 of our interview with Drs. Kyle, Tiffany and Cody, Co-Founders of Life Force Chiropractic in Vancouver, WA.  

On this episode, we learn how their Midwestern mentality and a little small town feel, combined with a near death experience, has defined their practice and has led them down a path of service to their community and striving for improved health and wellness for all.  



In this episode:

  • Despite 17 other Chiropractors in the same zip code, for Life Force, it's never been about competition, rather about reaching more people.
  • If people are getting the help they need to heal and adapt, that's what's most important.
  • Life Force knows what defines their practice, and they will attract the patients that resonate with what they're doing and others will resonate with other chiropractors in the area.
  • It's a very selfless profession and it's not about what can they get out of the community but rather what can they put into the community
  • If they can get more people under chiropractic care who need it, whether with with Life Force or another practice, the important thing is realizing that a healthier society creates happier world. 
  • People pass judgement on others before knowing the full story or before even listening to the story; we need to learn not to condemn someone because they are not where you're at.
  • Respect your neighbor, and understand that people make decisions based on their own experiences.
  • Life Force has heard more suicide stories since the pandemic started than the previous three years in business.  
  • To combat the mental health crisis in this country, we have to have more public conversations in order to make these topics more normal. 
  • Control what you can control; there's a handful of things that you get to make decisions on, focus on those and give the rest away. 


Angie's Mystery Beer:

Crux Fermentation Project - Bend, OR 

Tough Love, Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, 14% abv, 70 IBU

"Tough Love is bold but nuanced, an homage of sorts to the traditional Russian Imperial Stouts and the ruling style of Catherine the Great. We construct it with dark roasted malts, malted rye, and oak-smoked wheat, and then banish it in Kentucky bourbon barrels. The aging process smooths out the edges on an otherwise bold statement, and bitterness succumbs to tender strokes of vanilla beans, hints of dried cherries, and new layers revealing themselves with each sip."


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