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#74. | Keith Sconiers, Part 2 | Tying the Athlete Journey to an Entrepreneurship Journey | #Believe

April 2, 2021

Business Over Beer Episode #74. with Keith Sconiers, Part 2

On this episode of the Business Over Beer podcast, we welcome back Keith Sconiers, President of NW Advisory Group and Catalyst Training & Development, for part 2 of our sit down. 

In this episode, Keith talks about his passion for helping athletes understand the opportunities that entrepreneurship can provide for them after their playing days are over. But, instead of creating a "fall back plan", Keith helps shape a new plan, that includes success on and off the field, a plan that can provide for themselves and their family, and ultimately help them live their best life. 


In This Episode:

  • Tying the Athlete Journey to an Entrepreneurship Journey, provides the best opportunities for athletes to make a positive impact in the communities they came from. 
  • The Entrepreneur path allows athletes to own their life, their brand and their future, so they can go back and teach that same path to the kids that come from the place they came from. 
  • For Keith, he did not know there was another path, he had to learn the hard way, try at many different jobs and situations, before he learned there are opportunities for a better life through entrepreneurship. 
  • There are companies that are doing fine job getting athletes jobs, but they are not helping athletes achieve their true potential, and not every athlete wants to go work for someone else.
  • The NCAA is not set up for the athletes to live their best life. 
  • Athletics, especially for those coming from the inner city, are an opportunity to help their family get out of a bad situation; education does not offer that same opportunity, so they do not focus on it in the same way as they do with athletics.
  • Catalyst Training and Development is working with Athletes throughout their education so they understand what can be available after their athletic career is over.
  • Catalyst helps athletes answer the questions "who do I want to be a hero to" and "who do I want to serve with my work", these answers provide the roadmap.


Angie's Mystery Beer:

Cascade Lakes Brewing - Redmond, OR

Pineapple IPA, 7.1% ABV, 37 IBU

"We are stoked to offer this tasty IPA where mountain pine aromas collide with the tropics. The blend of 3 flavorful hops and a splash of pineapple make this the liquid to drench your cottonmouth."


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